The gloves

The gloves we manufacture are designed to endure, protecting you and your training partners.

The shape of the gloves may catch your eye. The upper part of the gloves is a little flatter than other types of gloves. This is due to the layered filling, and because they are designed to be used for all types of training and martial art.

Several layers of foam and rubber of different densities, with a very resistant microfiber coating, make these gloves are made to fight.

The lining material is a very resistant microfiber leatherette.

In addition, they include a very breathable fabric in the palm of the hands, to facilitate the evacuation of sweat and bad odors.

We have chosen a hen/chicken in order to be the image of this gloves.

And why a chicken? Because they are fighters, survivors, and they are fucking brave.

Fight like a chicken!